2024 SPARK Taiwan VC Day in San Francisco

邀請您參與2024 SPARK Taiwan VC Day!

經過長久的準備,SPARK Taiwan步入第11個年頭,看到台灣團隊的成長茁壯,SPARK Taiwan特別於今年規劃一場VC Day活動, 邀請曾經參與過SPARK計畫的團隊一同來共襄盛舉 。SPARK Taiwan辦公室預計將於 2024年9月17日 與美國史丹佛大學之Global SPARK、SPARK Stanford共同在2024 Global 史丹佛大學舉辦「2024 SPARK Taiwan VC Day」,邀請所有SPARK 團隊一起來參與本年度的盛會。

本次規劃的VC Day活動,希望能夠為台灣團隊建構一個鍊結美國加州生醫投資人的平台,進行技術展示以期進一步協助團隊獲得募資機會。此外,本次活動也將提供募資相關培訓課程,包含SPARK Taiwan辦公室舉辦的募資工作坊與SPARK Stanford 資深業師協助之線上募資訓練,主要目的在於提升台灣團隊進行海外募資的競爭力。

2024年SPARK VC Day將以實體活動形式辦理,並為2024 Global SPARK Meeting 全球高峰會的其中一個活動。參加VC Day團隊遴選之獲選團隊將可參加募資技術發表會,獲得口頭簡報機會來重點介紹團隊研發產品與核心技術;獲選參加募資諮詢輔導圓桌會議團隊將可參加與加州投資人進行諮詢討論的圓桌會議,透過海報展示團隊研發產品與核心技術,並從資深業界專家與創投專家獲得指導與回饋建議,本次活動也將為處於不同發展階段的團隊提供籌款培訓和指導。

SPARK Taiwan VC Day:
時間:2024年09月17日/ Sep. 17 2024
地點:史丹佛大學(舊金山,美國)/ Stanford University (San Francisco, USA)
申請期限: 2024年06月07日/ Jun 7, 2024


Welcome to the 2024 SPARK Taiwan VC Day!

SPARK Taiwan is excited to announce the call for project proposals for the 2024 SPARK Taiwan VC Day at Stanford. This collaborative event, organized by SPARK Stanford, Global SPARK, and SPARK Taiwan, will take place at Stanford University in San Francisco on September 17, 2024. With a history of fruitful collaboration, SPARK Taiwan proudly holds the distinction of being the first country overseas to establish a SPARK Program, now in its 11th year.

Through this year's collaboration, our aim is to provide teams with a platform to connect with biomedical investors in California and showcase projects poised for partnering or venture funding. Additionally, the event will offer valuable training and mentoring opportunities to enhance the competitiveness and international fundraising capabilities of biomedical startups in Taiwan.

The 2024 SPARK VC Day will be held in person as part of the "2024 Global SPARK Meeting" event. It will feature fundraising pitches for SPARK teams/startups and one-on-one partnering roundtable meetings. Selected teams will have the opportunity to deliver presentations highlighting their projects, showcase their work through posters, and receive valuable feedback from advisors or VCs. Additionally, fundraising training and mentoring will be provided for teams at different stages of development.

SPARK Taiwan VC Day:
Date:Sep. 17 2024
Venue:Stanford University (San Francisco, USA)
Application Deadline:Jun 7, 2024

Any team interested in participating in this showcase, please download “SPARKTemplate_2024_SPARK_VC_Day”
https://survey.stpi.narl.org.tw/s/MvekB, fill out the online registration form(https://survey.stpi.narl.org.tw/s/MvekB), and submit online by 6/7 . 
Join us in showcasing your achievements and shaping the future together!

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