Biotechnology is the most splendid industry in the 21st century which it contains infinite opportunities and potential. To implement Industry-Academy Cooperation, the board of directors and the chief executive officers of CMU convened a “Top 500 Conference (「登峰五百實踐營」)”  in Sept. 2008; and a resolution of establishing the “Office of Academia-Industry Cooperation” was passed. Our missions are to integrate R&D information, organize operating team, amend related regulations, stimulate Industry-Academy participation and supervise the performance.

CMU’s “Office of Academia-Industry Cooperation” was established in Sept. 2008, vice president Walter Chen serves as the director. All academies, Office of Research and Development, and China Medical University Hospital were integrated to actively involved in cross-field cooperation such as matching, technology transfers and intellectual property among industries, academia and government agencies. Encouraging both faculty and doctors to R&D new products and technologies, to promote both Chinese medicine and biotechnology and transform into consumer healthy goods; thus expect to create a booming future.

To tie in with the long term administrative affairs plan of promoting industry-technology cooperation, technology transfers and intellectual property rights, “Biotechnology Incubation Center” was combined into “Office of Academia-Industry Cooperation”; “R&D value-added Center” and “Intellectual property technology transfer center” were established to upgrade the capacity and functionality.