Biotechnologies in Chinese and Western Medicine

China Medical University is the top university which integrates Chinese and Western medicine. We have been devoted to scientificalizing, modernizing and internationalizing Chinese medicine. In addition, we have reached many excellent achievements in resources development of Chinese medicine, health food, drug R&D, and theories and applications of Chinese and Western medicine, etc., and have initiated the emerging medical science combining Chinese and Western medicine.

Remarkable R&D Capacities

China Medical University has integrated Chinese-Western medicine and biomedicine related fields as the foundation for scientific research, and has connected outstanding domestic and foreign scholars and experts to make a cross-field research team through all resources from China Medical University and China Medical University Hospital.

Transnational cooperative group

Our cooperative partners spread through noted universities and research organizations internationally. There are Academia Sinica, National Health Research Institutes and several famous universities in Taiwan, and others in the United States, Canada, Korea, Costa Rica, and Mainland of China etc., have offered the most superior R&D service.

Complete Support Mechanism for Clinical Trials

China Medical University has had the perfect software, hardware facilities and support mechanism for clinical trials in biotechnology research. Also, we have possessed complete medical equipment, provided Western and Chinese medical services and teaching with a total of 2,772 beds, and effectively accomplished the predetermined clinical trials.