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Wen-Hwa Lee,President
Chung Y. Hsu,Chief Consultant

Tasly Group, Tianjin, China, and China Medical University Hospital, Taiwan, to Conduct Phase III Clinical Trial for A New Chinese Medicine

The research capability of the Clinical Trial Center at China Medical University has met the world standards. President Sun He, Tasly Group, China, came to China Medical University Hospital for an academia-industry conference which led to an agreement between the Clinical Trial Center of Excellence at CMUH and Tasly Group to conduct a Phase III clinical trial for a new Chinese medicine, Dantonic. Dr. Jaw-Jou Kang, Director-General, Food and Drug Administration, Department of Health, Executive Yuan, looks forward to seeing the completion of this landmark trial based upon which a new Chinese medicine may be on the market for treating angina pectoris. It is a challenging task for a new Chinese medicine to be approved for a medical indication. Professor Chung Y. Hsu, Chief Executive Officer, China Medical University Healthcare System appreciates an unique opportunity to conduct a world-class clinical trial of a new Chinese Medicine developed by Tasly Group in China and is grateful to Vice President Yuan-Chang Wu, China Medical University, for introducing Tasly Group to the Clinical Trial Center of Excellence at CMUH.


Made-in-Taiwan Medical Devices Entering the World Arena ~ Assistant Professor Tzong-Shiun Li, China Medical University, Invited to Speak in 2013 EWMA European Annual Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark

Strong demand for medical devices has been a drive force for innovation in science and technology. Professor Tzong-Shiun Li, CMU, holds unique expertise in simplified negative-pressure wound therapy system for skin grafts and has won 12 patents locally and internationally. Professor Li was invited to deliver a lecture in the 2013 EWMA European Annual Conference to share his innovative accomplishments with worldwide specialists. Professor Li successfully introduced Made-in-Taiwan medical devices on the world stage with acclamation.

Authorship Guidelines ~ Professor Chung Y. Hsu, Chief Executive Officer, China Medical University Healthcare System, Gave an Orientation on the Principles of Authorship and Scientific Conduct

It is a privilege for faculty members to conduct research and publish scientific papers. The task of publishing papers as authors should not be taken lightly. The publsihed papers with authors’ names will be permanent records under close scrutiny by a broad readership in the Internet era. Professor Chung Y. Hsu, Chief Executive Officer, China Medical University Healthcare System, reminded CMU faculty members the responsibilities that come with authorship. He used Harvard University Authorship Guidelines as the template to demonstrate the principles of assigning authorship under different circumstances and the cautions needed to avoid dispute on authorship rights and intellectual properties and the steps that have to be taken to stay clear of scientific misconduct.

Building Dream While Learning---Overseas Internship ~ Applications from CMU Hit “Home Run” in the 102 Academic Year

Applying to “Building Dream While Learning” and “Flying High While Learning” Awards sponsored by the Department of Education for overseas internship in the 102 acadmic year, 5 applications for “Building Dream While Learning” and 3 for “Flying High While Learning” from China Medical University were all granted with solid proposals.


Faculty Awards for Excellence in Teaching, Academia-Industry Cooperation, Technology Transfer and Value-added Development

Winners were announced for the following categories: Excellence in Teaching; Largest Single Project Grant, Outstanding Technology Transfer ,Largest Number of Academia-Industry Cooperation Grants, and Outstanding Value-added New Development, Projects. Twenty-five faculty members received the respective awards from President Jong-Tsun Huang in the June 19 CMU Executive Meeting.


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