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Wen-Hwa Lee,President
Chung Y. Hsu,Chief Consultant

China Medical University, A Top 100 University in Asia, Ranks 441st in the World University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP)

Newly named as one of the top 100 Asia universities, China Medical University (CMU) wins its worldwide recognition again and is ranked 441st in the world wide University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) by Middle East Technical University (METU). CMU is ranked  201st in the world and 4th in Taiwan in medicine; 335th in the world and 4th in Taiwan in agricultural and environmental sciences; 271st in the world and and 4th in Taiwan in life science. The upward move of CMU in a series of international rankings of universities confirms the.rising academic stature of CMU.

Advancing to the World through Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine ~ China Medical University and Beijing University Join to Host “Academic Chinese Medicine Forum” for Universities in Four R

Modernizing traditional Chinese medicine is the global trend. In academic exchange between President Huang Rong Chun, CMU, and President Xu An Long, NPCU, a consensus is reached to host Academic Chinese Medicine Forum for universities in Taiwan, mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao aiming to create an academic and scientific Chinese medicine research platform for establishing Chinese medicine curriculum, training English teachers, promoting research collaboration across universities engaging both faculty and students, and developing health food and new Chinese medicine to advance Chinese medicine R&D to the world stage with impact.

Models from Abroad ~Touring Green Valley (Group) Co., Ltd, a Top 100 Shanghai Technological Enterprise and Lee Tung Fung National Doctor Center, Centennial Pharmaceutical Industry in Wuxi

Courage and decision making in enterprise management is the key to success. President Jong-Tsun Huang, Chair Professor Jaung Geng Lin and Manager Song Sun Wu were invited to visit Green Valley Group, Shanghai, and Lee Tung Fung National Doctor Center of Wuxi Shan Wo Group, starting May 22. Green Valley Group, established in 1977, is a large-scale enterprise of Chinese medicine with integrated operation in research, manufacturing and marketing and sales. Lee Tung Fung Ginseng Store, Wuxi, founded in 1911, became an enterprise incorporating public and private partnership in 1956 and was renamed Lee Tung Fung National Doctor Center in 2009 to start recruiting renowned Chinese medical doctors, collecting quality ginseng from reliable name brands and high-grade herbal ingredients to build state-of-the-art Chinese medicine processing lines. The track record of this centennial ginseng store represents a great model in transition from conventional to modern Chinese medicine.

Canadian and Austria Scholars Delivered Lectures at Graduate School of Acupuncture, China Medical Unvesity

Prof. Robert Reisz, a Canadian Royal Academy of Social Science Fellow and Prof. Professor Gerhard Litscher of Austrian University of Graz were invited by the Chair Professor Jaung Geng Lin, Graduate School of Acupuncture, China Medical University, to deliver lectures on on May 28 and 30 respectively. They also held open discussion sessions with faculty members and students. Vice President Yang-Chang Wu presented a letter of appointment of Visiting Professor to each of these 2 scholars.

Taiwan Nutrition Society Held 39th Annual Meeting and Symposium at China Medical University

Taiwan Nutrition Society held its 39th annual meeting and symposium at China Medical University on May 24-25. The main theme of the meeting was “Obesity and Cancer.” This conference was highlighted with anti-cancer cooking competition and vegetable fun contest. More than 600 attendants including representatives from the government and the academia shared their experience in promoting health and reducing disease risk through sound nutrition knowledge and healthy dietary practice.

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