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Wen-Hwa Lee,President
Chung Y. Hsu,Chief Consultant

CMU in Top 100 Asian Universities ~ Ranked 69th in Asia by 2013 UK “Times Higher Education World University Rankings”

The UK “Times Higher Education World University Rankings” announced the 2013 Times Higher Education Asian University Rankings on April 11. China Medical University has made its way to the top 100 Asian universities and ranked 69th. It is a great leap for CMU to become a “first-rate international university”.

President Jong-Tsun Huang remarked with delight that CMU’s stride with determination for excellence is clearly illustrated in the latest ranking. The glory, joyfully shared by the faculty, students and alumni, reflects the collective accomplishments of the entire CMU team with steady growth in academic strength.

CMU’s Breakthrough in Anti-Cancer Drugs ~ Technology Transfer to AnnCare Bio-Tech for Developing New Drugs

A breakthrough in anti-cancer treatment in Taiwan has been made under the leadership of Prof. Sheng-Chu Kuo, Chair Professor of China Medical University. ANK-199, a candidate drug has been shown by a team of investigators across several universities to have anti-cancer actions directed at multiple targets. ANK-199 is particularly promising for head and neck cancers. The technology transfer of the research accomplishments has been made with AnnCare Bio-Tech Center Co., Ltd with the contract signed by President Jong-Tsun Huang and Chairman Chin-Wei Lin on April 10. A new generation of targeted therapy of cancers has emerged with promising market potential.

Efficacy Verification of Chinese Herbal Drugs Going High-tech ~ CMU and Vita Genomics in Collaboration to Develop the “Genomics Analysis and Application Development Platform for Chinese Herbal Drugs”

Drug manufacturers worldwide are facing bottleneck in the research and development of new drugs, compelling the bio-tech industry to go about looking for new medicine sources. They finally look to Chinese herbal drugs. More than 170 countries around the world have now introduced and used Chinese herbal drugs; modernizing and promoting high-tech of Chinese herbal drugs have become an emerging domain and the top priority. As a stronghold of Chinese medical academia in Taiwan, China Medical University sent a delegation led by President Jong-Tsun Huang for a seminar and exchange ideas with Dr. Ellson Chen’s (President and CEO) team of Vita Genomics, Inc. The two R&D teams discussed on the integration of the Oriental herbal medicine and the Western genetic technology, and announced the collaboration for development of the “Genomics Analysis and Application Development Platform for Chinese Herbal Drugs”. By means of scientific evidence, they are going to bring our ancient wisdom to the Western world!

CMU and Yanbian University Signed an Agreement for Academic Exchange and Cooperation

To promote academic exchanges and cooperation among university students across the Strait in field study of medicinal plants, Prof. Yang-Chang Wu, Vice President of China Medical University, led a team to visit Yanbian University in Jilin, China on March 29 and signed an academic exchange and cooperation agreement with Vice President Jiongmo Cui who represented Yanbian University. Prof. Wu, a well known researcher  in developing natural medicinal derivatives said that modernization of traditional Chinese medicine must be based on scientific approaches for research and quality control of Chinese medicinal materials is an essential task for suppliers of traditional Chinese medicine. Changbai Shan in Jilin, China is richly endowed with Chinese medicinal materials, including Herba Rhodiolae, which is the top-ranked medicine in Shennong’s Classic of Materia Medica with versatile actions including stimulation of the nervous system, relief of fatigue and prevention of mountain sicknessr. Scientific research exploring its clinical applications is warranted.

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