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Wen-Hwa Lee,President
Chung Y. Hsu,Chief Consultant

The University wins NSC Academia-Industry Minor League Grant for promoting national health

The 2013 National Science Council (NSC) grants for Academia-Industry Technology Alliance Projects (Academia-Industry League) have been announced. Dr. Hui-ting Yang, Assistant Professor, Department of Nutrition, is among the winners of this important NSC program. Her project is on promotion of national health – “Construction of an Interactive System for Individualized Nutrition Evaluation and Monitoring” is among the winning projects. The main theme of her project is the development of an individualized nutrition evaluation and health management system, demonstrating the enormous power of multi-discipline academia-industry cooperation. This project was highly commended by the CMU Vice President, Prof. Yang-chang Wu.

Pioneering ~ CMU in Agricultural Biotech Development towards Internationalization in South Taiwan

The first free trade zone for agricultural products in Taiwan is going to start in South Taiwan . When the Agricultural Biotechnology Park Academia-Industry Cooperation Association convened the Board meeting and general meeting, Director Chin-cheng Huang of the Agricultural Biotechnology Park had close interaction with Prof. Yang-chang Wu, CMU Vice President and Association Executive Board Member, and Prof. Jin-bin Wu, CMU Dean for Academia- Industry Cooperation and Association Supervisor. Director Huang encouraged scholars in academia to join the agricultural industry and provide the key technology in facilitating its internationalization. With outstanding achievements in Chinese herbal medicine, clinical trial and translational research, CMU can play a critical role in the field.

Contributing to the Well-being of Mankind ~ Dr. Yu-hsin Lin, Department of Biological Science and Technology, is one of the Top 10 Young Women in Taiwan

The 22nd Top 10 Young Women Awards in Taiwan were presented on March 8, the Women Day, by Vice President Den-yih Wu. Dr. Yu-hsin Lin, Associate Professor,  Department of Biological Science and Technology, won this prestigious award with her eye-catching achievements in applying nano-technology for innovative formulation of oral insulin to treat diabetes with 9 US patents. A number of her papers published in international journals have also attracted global attention. Her inventions, once commercialized successfully, will benefit millions of diabetes patients around the world. She is an excellent model for our youth.

Discovering Commercial Potential of Innovative Research Results ~ Office of Academia-Industry Cooperation Holds the “Sprouting Project Workshop”

Fruitful results derived from intense academic research in Taiwan remain to be commercialized. The Office of Academia-Industry Cooperation at CMU held the “Sprouting Project Workshop” to exploit the commercialization potential of research accomplishments made on campus. The “Sprouting Action Center” team at Academia Sinica was invited to share experiences in competing for research grants. The team was also invited to assess the commercialization potential of CMU Sprouting Projects and provide guidance. In sum, novel technology of value must be developed with a set goal for commercialization.

Seeking Government Support for Academia-Industry Research on Behalf of Manufacturers ~ CMU Office of Academia-Industry Cooperation Holds the “Supervisors’ Meeting for Manufacturers in Collaboration wi

To boost both the number of grants and the amount of funding for academia-industry cooperation, Office of Academia-Industry Cooperation held the first supervisors’ meeting for manufacturers in collaboration with CMU on March 4. Prof. Yueh-Sheng Chen, Director of Incubation Center, shared the concept of “reciprocal feedback between fish and water”. He encouraged teachers involved in academia-industry cooperation to bear in mind that they should help manufacturers to compete for government funding for academia-industry research to ensure an active flow of operating funds.

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