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Wen-Hwa Lee,President
Chung Y. Hsu,Chief Consultant

Excelling Oneself by Making Other People Complete – Prof. Hung-chi Chen Helping the Dumb to “Re-vocalize”

Innovative research in clinical medicine that benefit patients are numerous; one of these is Prof. Hung-chi Chen, Dean of the College of Medicine at the China Medical University, who helps the dumb “re-vocalize”. He has devoted himself to the study of vocal cord, resulting in the unique “reconstruction of voice generator by autologous intestine transplantation including appendix transfer for voice reconstruction”. Through his exquisite medical skill, patients may re-gain the ability to speak. This is an extraordinary and brilliant achievement in medicine even on a worldwide level.


Superintendent Hung-chi Chen of the International Medical Center of China Medical University Hospital is a world-renowned authority in reconstructive surgery. He researched and developed the “reconstruction of voice generator by autologous intestine transplantation” operation for the patients’ benefit. He has worked on a total of 125 cases, and presented 65 SCI essays on the reconstruction of voice and esophagus. He also published the first book on voice reconstruction with the intestinal valve. Prof. Chen has been invited to travel overseas as a visiting professor for 42 times and given a number of special talks, sharing experiences on rare cases of reconstruction with international medical professionals. He has made Taiwan’s name known in the area of reconstructive surgery, and he solely won the honor of “2012 Executive Yuan Award of Outstanding Technological Contribution”.

Value-adding Academia-Industry Cooperation, Creating Multiple Wins – China Medical University Discussed on Strategic Alliance with Sanyi West Lake Resortopia of Miaoli

In order to boost the academia-industry marketing channel, Prof. Walter Chen, Vice President of China Medical University (CMU), and Mr. Ching-feng Tseng, Chairman of West Lake Resortopia have discussed the development of a strategic alliance. A plan has been made to introduce quality products developed through CMU academia-industry research to the tourist attraction and recreational resort at West Lake Resortopia, so that local and overseas travelers may have the benefit of purchasing these items while making tour. West Lake Resortopia, in reciprocation. will provide CMU teachers and students food and beverage services for their meetings and offer event arrangement services and healthy life program during leisure outings or gatherings.

Even on Lantern Festival, Prof. Walter Chen and Mr. Ching-feng Tseng were still working hard on their own university and business tasks respectively. Mr. Tseng then invited Prof. and Mrs. Chen to the Sanyi West Lake Resortopia in Miaoli and escorted them in person throughout the resort, explaining the various facilities including the dome-shape multi-function conference room, Sheng-en grocery store, Hakka creative store, theme commodities hall, etc. Based on the win-win situation in value-added academia-industry interaction, the two parties signed a MOU for academia-industry cooperation on research and development of products that would be put on shelves for sale preferentially in the resort’s grocery store.

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