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Wen-Hwa Lee,President
Chung Y. Hsu,Chief Consultant

China Medical University Hospital has launched NVIDIA DGX-2, the first in Asia, to advance the next generation of healthcare services.

China Medical University Hospital (CMUH) has brought in the most powerful artificial intelligence system (NVIDIA DGX-2) and has officially started its applications. This is the first supercomputer in Asia. Vice President Fu-Jen Tsai emphasized that CMUH application of the GPU accelerated processes would provide clinicians and investigators more effective support to facilitate diagnostic precision for therapeutic decisions. The advance to a new generation of medical technology would promote health and welfare in patients.

Stay away from emotional dark waves of depression ~ Prof. Guan-Pin Su’s team has confirmed the emotion-stabilizing effect of omega-3 fatty acid (deep sea fish oil).

It is a great news for patients with depression. Prof. Guan-Pin Su at Department of Psychiatry, China Medical University led a team, in collaboration with Japanese specialists, uncovered that omega-3 fatty acid (deep sea fish oil) was of low to moderate therapeutic effect in treating depression. This research achievement was published in a highly ranked and world-renowned journal, JAMA Network Open, drawing close attention from international scholars and news media, confirming again a nutritional therapeutic mechanism in improving human mental health.

Professor Yi-Hung Chen at China Medical University, in collaboration with a National Taiwan University Team, has discovered a novel mechanism for pain relief by acupuncture, offering a new strategy for treating pain.

Professor Yi-Hung Chen, Acupunture Research Insititute and Chinese Medicine Research Center, China Medical University, in collaboration with Professor Lih-Chu Chiou, Institute of Pharmacology, National Taiwan University, has discovered a new mechanism of pain relief induced by acupuncture. A paper entitled “Median nerve stimulation induces analgesia via orexin initiated endocannabinoid disinhibition in the periaqueductal gray” has been published in Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), a world-renowned journal. This research accomplishment, providing a new therapeutic strategy for treating pain, has received close and broad attention by international medical investigators and news media.

Prof Chow-Fung Chiang’s research team has developed 16 assays based on European Union criteria for detecting food contamination to receive the Ministry of Science and Technology Award for Future Science and Technology.

Break-through advances in technology for the assessment of food safety have been made! Prof Chow-Fung Chiang’s team has devoted to the development of high performance liquid chromatography and QuEChERS for rapid assays of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in food based on advanced European Union regulatory requirements to reach the world-class level in assay standards. The research achievements have demonstrated R&D capability of a research team in Taiwan to receive the Future Science and Technology Award from the Ministry Science and Technology Award. This distinguished award was presented by the Minister of Science and Technology on December 1 in the World Trade Center.

Prof. SH Juo’s team at China Medical University is the first in the world to develop an RNA interference drug for treating myopia to receive《2018 Ministry of Science and Technology Award for Future Technology》

A great news for people with myopia! Prof. SH Juo’s team at China Medical University has developed the first RNA interference drug for treating myopia and has applied for world-wide patents. The breakthrough development of an RNA interference drug which can stop progression and treatment of myopia has won《2018 Ministry of Science and Technology Award for Future Technology》to highlight the honor of outstanding academic research.

Friendly to earth for cultivating an organic ecosystem ~ China Medical University has assisted in the organization of 「Taiwan Outlying Islands Organic Friendly Agricultural Development Society」

Aiming at the development of an organic ecosystem in outlying islands,「Taiwan Outlying Islands Organic Friendly Agricultural Development Society」has been established. Former Speaker Jing-Ping Wang of the Legislative Yuan was invited to chair the opening ceremony on October 26. China Medical University, in fulfilling its social responsibility, has joined in co-sponsoring this Society to cultivate the sustained development of the outlying islands and has received enthusiastic governmental, industrial, academic and social recognition and supports. China Medical University will be devoted to build Penghu as the first 《Model Organic Island》.

Department of Cosmeceutics at China Medical University developed brand name products 《Coexist》that have been in bright display in 2018 Taiwan Cosmetics Exhibition

Faculty members and students at Department of Cosmeceutics, China Medical University have developed a series of brand name cosmetics 《Coexist》extracted from coffee with patents to join 2018 Taiwan Cosmetics Exhibition. It takes meritorious and competitive quality for cosmetic products to enter the market and open popular sale channels. The products received broad praises from those who attended this Exhibition.

Office of Academia-Industry Collaboration invited 7 companies conducting R&D at China Medical University to join 2018 BioTaiwan Exhibition

「2018 BioTaiwan Exhibition」 was held for 4 days (July 18 - 22) at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. Office of Academia-Industry Cooperation at China Medical University invited 7 companies conducting R&D on campus to join this major exhibition for grasping most recent R&D trend in the market to facilitate research innovation and to realize commercial feasibility for research accomplishments in order to achieve successful tech transfer.

Cultivating academia-Industry collaboration - Office of Academia-Industry Collaboration has launched「Triple Innovation Workshop」and a series of Industrial Lectureship at China Medical University

To stir up foresight for launching business plans by faculty and students at China Medical University, Office of Academia-Industry Cooperation has established 「Triple Innovation Workshop」to inspire faculty members and students in developing creative thoughts, innovative plans and entrepreneurship. A series of lectures on biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, management of intellectual properties, analysis of business plans and sale strategies are to be delivered by industrial experts covering respective fields to share their precious experiences. These plans will drive faculty members and students to learn in-depth the start-up business models for practical applications to derive business benefits.

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