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Wen-Hwa Lee,President
Chung Y. Hsu,Chief Consultant

Breakthrough in the Management of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer ~ Vice President Lu-Hai Wang at China Medical University Reported His Team’s Research Accomplishments

Management of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) has had break-through advances! The research team led by Academician Lu-Hai Wang, Vice President at China Medical University and an honorary investigator of National Health Research Institute, has discovered that transketolase (TKT), a growth factor related to cancer cell growth, which regulates the balance between glycolysis and oxidative phosphorylation, affects the growth and migration of triple-negative breast cancer cells. This break-through discovery offers a novel therapeutic approach for treating TNBC. This research achievement has been published in an authoritative international journal on oncology, Cancer Research. Vice President Wang’s team further confirmed that by lowering TKT activity or addingα-ketoglutarate (α-KG), a suppressor of cancer metabolism, could restore glucose absorption and metabolism rates of cancer cells toward those of normal cells. Through oxidative metabolism of glucose in mitochondria, growth and metastasis of cancer cells could be slowed down. Because enhanced glucose absorption and metabolism are universal trend for cancer cell growth, this research discovery could be applicable as an anti-cancer strategy for other types of cancer beyond its application in the management of breast cancer.

Opening a New Path toward Health and Well Being ~ China Medical University and National Chiao-Tong University Jointly Making High-impact Research Breakthrough in Cancer Immunotherapy

High-impact breakthrough has been made in clinical therapy of cancers in Taiwan. National Chiao-Tong University and China Medical University in collaboration have developed pivotal technology to substantially enhance the therapeutic efficacy of immunotherapy against cancers with reduced systemic immune response. This research accomplishment is a great news for cancer patients currently undergoing therapy. President Weizhong Zhang of National Chiao-Tong University and Vice President Fuu-Jen Tsai of China Medical University, joined by a research team across universities including Dr. Chiang, Prof. Chen, Prof. WC Shyu and Prof. Hsieh, presented their research achievement at National Taiwan University Alumni Hall in Taipei on June 13.

Devotion to Genomic Research with Outstanding Research Achievements ~ Prof. Shu-Han Juo of the Institute for New Drug Discovery at China Medical University Received An Outstanding Research Award from Ministry of Science and Technology

A research team led by Prof. Shu-Han Juo of the Graduate Institute of New Drug Discovery at China Medical University has devoted to long-term research on genomic medicine with breakthrough discoveries on micro RNA and polymorphism in relation to atherosclerosis, stroke and myopia.  Prof. Juo’s advances led to the 2017 Ministry of Science and Technology Outstanding Research Award which was delivered by the Minister of Science and Technology to highlight landmark research achievements with honor.

China Medical University Received Outstanding Academia-Industry Collaboration Award from Chinese Institute of Engineers

China Medical University and Healthcare System have made bright achievements in academia-industrial collaboration. By inspiring faculty members and physicians to place industrialization of their novel research accomplishments as the priority in promoting traditional Chinese medicine and related biotechnology, health promotion products have been developed to benefit society, industry and general population with a prosperous future.  Because of the above achievements, China Medical University and Healthcare System were awarded Outstanding Academia-Industry Collaboration Achievement Award.

Partnership with a Topnotch University in Japan ~ China Medical University and Hokkaido University of Japan signed Memorandum of Agreement and Held Bilateral Research Meeting

China Medical University has added another topnotch university to its partnership; A China Medical University team on an academia exchange mission led by President WH Lee went to Hokkaido University in Japan to sign a Memorandum of Agreement and held a bilateral research conference. It will promote healthcare professionals to make cross visits between the 2 hospitals to strengthen bilateral collaboration for joint development of topnotch healthcare technology.

China Medical University Initiating Practical Academic and Research Collaboration with Nagoya University

To push forward international biomedical research, President Wen-Hwa Lee led 6 professors to visit Nagoya University for academic exchange and for a bilateral research symposium. Both parties agreed to start collaboration by exchanging visits by students and faculty members. Together, collaboration on cancer research will be facilitated to explore the pathogenesis and break-through therapeutic approaches of the cancer types that are most difficult to treat.

China Medical University Signed Memorandum with Tokyo University for Collaboration to Exchange Visits of Medical and Graduate Students between Both Universities for Research and Education

An Academic Exchange Team Led by President Wen-Hwa Lee of China Medical University visited Tokyo University to hold the first China Medical University – Tokyo University Bilateral Research Symposium. Both Universities signed memorandum of collaboration to start exchange of medical and graduate students for research and education.

To Facilitate Harmony between Healthcare Professionals and Patients ~ China Medical University and Taiwan Bar Association Jointly Signed Agreement to Sponsor Medicolegal Training Courses Across Disciplines

China Medical University and Healthcare System in collaboration with Taiwan Bar Association jointly sponsor「Medicolegal Training Course」with Agreement signed on June 4th. President Wen-Hwa Lee stated in his opening remarks that sponsoring Medicolegal Course will facilitate understanding between legal and medical expertise to build mutual trust for reducing medicolegal suits and to promote harmonious relationship between healthcare professionals and patients. This is a landmark task for medicolegal collaboration.

2017 「U21 Innovation and Discovery Competition」Award Ceremony

China Medical University and Asia University jointly sponsored 2017 「U21 Innovation and Discovery Competition」with a total of 213 applications competing.
Eighteen applications were from China Medical University with 1 receiving award and another 1 entering the final. President Wen-Hwa Lee gave the certificate and award during the University Executive Meeting.

China Medical University Awarded Faculty Members with Outstanding Achievements in Academia-Industry Collaboration

To encourage faculty members at University and Healthcare System for academia-industry collaboration in converting knowledge and technology into industrial application to facilitate market competitiveness for health promotion; Nine faculty members with outstanding achievements in academia-industry collaboration, technology transfer and derivative new venture received awards from President Wen-Hwa Lee in the June 13 Executive Meeting

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