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Wen-Hwa Lee,President
Chung Y. Hsu,Chief Consultant

Shedding New Light on Breast Cancer Therapy! President Wen-Hwa Lee Led the Genomic Research Team to Open a Novel Direction for Treating Breast Cancer

President Wen-Hwa Lee of China Medical University, an Academician at Academia Sinica, led a genomic research team to publish new research results, confirming that removal of immune cells (Tregs) in tumor derived lymph nodes (TDLN) led to inhibition of the activation of TL-17RB with resultant reduction toxicity of cancer cells. Surgical dissection of TDLN substantially suppressed the probability of spreading of breast cancer cells. This set of research findings provide well-defined guidance for physicians who may be uncertain about the need to remove lymph nodes. Results from this study not only offer physicians, who are uncertain about the need to remove lymph nodes, a clear-cut guidance for managing breast cancer but also establish a new direction in developing IL-17HB antibody for treating breast cancer.

Innovation、Advances ~Four Research Centers at China Medical University Received the 14th National Innovation Awards with Honor

Under the leadership of President Wen-Hwa Lee at China Medical University, six major research centers have had impressive accomplishments including the discovery of a novel therapy for dementia, development of a new eydrop medicine for the management of myopia, establishment of mesenchymal stem cells therapies and bone union technology for clinical applications with promising future. Each of these 4 research teams received the National Innovation Awards, making the best record at China Medical University to date.  The Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry (IBMI) held the ceremony on December to give the the National Innovation Awards on December 9, 2017 with the glory of these winning research teams at China Medical University demonstrating great strengths on innovation.

Top-notch Scientific Investigator as a Role Model~Prof. Kuo-Juey Wu of China Medical University Received 61st Ministry of Education Academic Award

The 61st Ministry of Education Academic Award was announced recently with Endowed Chair Prof. Kou-Juey Wu, Director of Graduate Institute of Cancer Biology, receiving this distinguished award by outperforming other researchers in biology, medicine and agriculture. China Medical University faculty and students shared Prof. Wu’s glory with honor and cheers.

Cultivating World-class Leadership ~ China Medical University is Advanced to 197th in the 「2017 World University Academic Ranking」

With outstanding educational achievements and glorious scholarly performance, China Medical University is now ranked 197th in「2017 World University Academic Ranking」sponsored by Jiao-Tong University in Shanghai. Among the 7 research universities in Taiwan to enter the top 500 and China Medical University ranked #2 in Taiwan, behind National Taiwan University but ranked #1 among the private universities.

Competition in Taiwan ~ Distinguished Teams at China Medical University and Healthcare System drew broad attractions in《2017 Taiwan Healthcare Technology Expo》

「2017 Taiwan Healthcare Technology Expo」was held December 7 – 10, 2017 at Nankang Exhibition Hall. Chairman Chang-Hai Tsai of China Medical University and Healthcare System was invited to open the Expo. He led China Medical University and Healthcare System teams to display advanced specialty healthcare、 medicine for the future 、artificial intelligence development、educational venture、biomedical industry to display glorious achievements.

2017 Academia-Industry Promotion Day at China Medical University with 6 Universities Signed Incubator Strategic Alliance

Academia-Industry Office at China Medical University held 2017 Academia-Industry Promotion Day activities on November 10 and establish incubator strategic alliance with 6 universities and R&D parterners. President Wen-Hwa Lee remarked that the academia-industry exchange platform established at China Medical University places its primary objective on biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry that has achieved academia-industry R&D productivity but also has made close integration with clinical trials being conducted at China Medical University to meet market demands by biomedical industry to develop a bright future for the market.

2017 Taiwan Biotechnology Expo ~ China Medical University Was Joined by Seven On-campus Collaborating Companies to Participate in the Exhibition

A major annual event of Asia biotech industry is「2017 Taiwan Biotechnology Expo」or 「Bio Taiwan 2017」which was held at Nankang Exhibition Hall for 4 days, starting June 28, 2017. China Medical University Office of Academia-industry Cooperation invited 7 on-campus companies to join the exhibition to capture the most recent R&D trends and to identify the industrial products and technology with bright spots to promote partnership in academia-industry collaboration and to broaden commercial channels for sale of products.

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