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Wen-Hwa Lee,President
Chung Y. Hsu,Chief Consultant

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings Announced 「2017 Asia-Pacific University Ranking」~ China Medical University Ranked 38, #6 in Taiwan and #1 among Private Universities

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings, for the first time, made 「Asia-Pacific University Rankings in 2017」, covering universities in 38 countries across South Asia, Southeast Asia and  Oceania. Twenty-six universities in Taiwan entered the rank with 7 in the top 100.  China Medical University was ranked 38, #6 in Taiwan and #1 among private universities.


Advancing to First Class in the World ~ China Medical University is Shining Brightly in the Radar Screen of the Global Higher Education

『First Class in the World』has been the major objective of China Medical University in its advances in the new Century.  The Times Higher Education has just announced recently the world rankings among universities established from 1945 to 1966. China Medical University being ranked #85 in the world, is shining brightly again in the radar screen of the Higher Education in the World.

Times Higher Education Summit in the Asia-Pacific Region ~ Vice President Chien-Jen Chen, Republic of China, Encouraged Cultivation in Depth to Advance across Multiple Disciplines at China Medical University

China Medical University and Times Higher Education (THE) jointly held 『THE Summit in the Asia-Pacific Region』on July 4th, 2017.  Vice President Chien-Jen Chen, Republic of China, was invited to attend this Summit and announced that the government plan to provide a large sum of financial support to initiate a project for cultivation of higher education in depth among universities to advance teaching, research innovation and internationalization and to develop unique strengths across disciplines.

Focusing on Central Taiwan with Global Perspective ~ Chairman Chang-Hai Tsai of the China Medical University – Asia University Union Gave a Lecture on Developing Pioneering Assistive Medical Devices with Unique Advantages

Taichung is unique with a R&D cluster on precision instruments and is enriched with biomedical resources. Students at China Medical University and Asia University have joined the Biomedical Engineering R&D Team on campus which has undertaken the leadership position in developing intelligent assistive medical devices. Professor Chang-Hai Tsai, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, China Medical University and Funder, Asia University, was invited to give a lecture in the 『2017Forum on Advancing Competitiveness in Pioneer Biotechnology for Health and Welfare』on May 13. He introduced lower-limb rehabilitation instrument, intelligent pressure-sensitive shoe cushion and other novel assistive medical devices and clinical 3 D printer for making medical devices to drive biomedical industry in central Taiwan to become a bright spot in Taiwan.

『China Medical University and Asia University Union』Traditional Chinese Medicine R&D Team Focusing on Unique Herbal Medicine Materials to Explore a Green Avenue for Health Promotion and Therapy

China Medical University R&D force joining biomedical industry has made bright achievements.  Vice President Cliff Chao gave a lecture in『2017Forum on Advancing Competitiveness in Pioneer Biotechnology for Health and Welfare』and pointed out that China Medical University has built the world’s largest sample bank of active natural medicinal compounds and traditional Chinese medicine. China Medical University also has the only clinical trial center in Taiwan which is a member of International Clinical Trials Center Network (ICN) with research from basic research to clinical validation of products with international credentials. It is the China Medical University and Asia University Union with its clinical research on traditional Chinese medicine reaching the level of topnotch universities in the world to make Taiwan globally visible.

Opening of『China Medical University and Asia University Union』3D Printing Medical R&D Center with a Forum on R&D of 3D Printing in the Development of Medical Devices

China Medical University and Asia University joined in opening 『China Medical University and Asia University Union3D Printing Medical R&D Center』on May 13 and invited experts including Dr. Adrian Sugar, Consultant, Morriston Hospital in the United Kingdom to attend 『Forum on R&D of 3D printing in the Generation of Medical Devices』to share his experience on clinical applications of metallic medical devices derived from 3D printing and to collaborate with biotech industry in Taiwan to instill a brand new driving force.

Promoting Biotech Industry in Taiwan ~ China Medical University and NatureWise Biotech & Medicals Corporation Signed Memorandum of Understanding

China Medical University and NatureWise Biotech & Medicals Corporation have joyfully established collaboration. President WH Lee of China Medical University and Chairman CY Huang of NatureWise Biotech & Medicals Corporation, representing respective R&D teams to sign Memorandum of Understanding. Chairman CY Huang praised the robust R&D driving force on biomedical technology and medical device development at China Medical University that are instrumental in enhancing industrial competitiveness. President WH Lee looks forward to long-term academia-industry collaboration team works focusing on developing novel drugs for eyes to benefit a large population of patients with eye diseases.

Development of Nutritional Product with Glorious Outcome by China Medical University R&D Team ~ 「LOCO-E」Has Been Successfully Exported to Japanese Market

A China Medical University R&D team led by Prof. Jin-Bin Wu in exploration of drynaria rhizome has developed an effective nutritional supplement for slowing down bone loss. This product carrying a brand name of LOCO-E or ロコーE in Japanese has been successfully introduced into Japanese market with successful sale to establish its fame and popularity.


The Phenomenon of Mental Disorder Clustering between Husband and Wife? Broad Attention to a Journal Article on This Topic Published by a China Medical University Research Team

The intimate relationship between husband and wife is reflected on mental health. A research team led by Dr. Jong-Yi Wang, Associate Professor, College of Publich Health, China Medical University, has published a paper in an international journal on public health on this topic to report that if one of the married couple developed mental disorder, the partner is likely to develop similar mental problem. It is called 「mental disorder clustering」. This paper has drawn close attention by healthcare institutions.

2017 BioTaiwan Expo ~ Division of Academia-Industry Cooperation at China Medical University invited 7 companies on its campus to join BioTaiwan

Division of Academia-Industry Cooperation at China Medical University invited 7 companies on its campus to join BioTaiwan, the key event in the Biotech Month in Taiwan at Taipei Southport Exhibition Hall, aiming to have a good grip of the new market trends and industrial technology and products with bright spots for expanding academia-industry partnership and opening new commercial avenues.


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