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Wen-Hwa Lee,President
Chung Y. Hsu,Chief Consultant

Acupunture has been added by World Health Organization (WHO) to the list of Applications in Emergency Medical Services ~ Prof. Jaung-Geng Lin of China Medical University is the first invited speaker from Taiwan to deliver a WHO lecture

『Acupunture Medicine 』in wide practice across Centuries; Prof. Jaung -Geng Lin of China Medical University, in applying scientific methods used in Western medicine research to validate the efficacy of acupuncture in pain relief, has received international recognition and praises. In a recently held 140th WHO Executive Committee Meeting at its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, Chair Professor Prof. Jaung-Geng Lin was invited as an expert scholar representing World Federation of Acupunture and Mosibustion (WFAS) to deliver a lecture entitled「The Use of of Acupunture in Emergency Medical Services」. Prof. Lin has been the first and only distinguished speaker from Taiwan at a WHO meeting since Taiwan was withdrawn from United Nations. This indeed is a pride of Taiwan.

Acupunture in traditional Chinese Medicine, playing a more active role with contribution to healthcare promotion, has been recognized and affirmed by WHO of United Nations. As  a major breakthrough, Chair Prof. Jaung-Geng Lin has advanced acupunture in traditional Chinese Medicine to the world scientific platform with brilliant achievements and has elevated the visibility of Taiwan in the world. This is an exciting event in the field of traditional Chinese Medicine for China Medical University faculty and students to share the glory. President Wen-Hua Lee spoke with pride that this is a great example to advance academic medicine with excellence on the scientific platform.

2017 《QS World University Ranking》TOP200 - China Medical University Achieves High Rankings in Medicine and Pharmacy

A British institution on survey of higher education announced 2017《QS World University Rankings 》TOP200. China Medical University with prominent achievements in quality of education and internationalization dvanced to the top 200 in medicine and pharmacy. For medicine, it has moved up to 51~200, improving by approximately 100. Pharmacy ranks in 101~150. The excellent achievements in quality of education and international academic performance at China Medical University are again recognized.

China Medical University receives the honor of being ranked top 8th on quality of university education by《Cheers》magazine

《Cheers》magazine announced on April 7 the「Top 20 Best Universities on Quality of Education - 2017」. China Medical University (CMU) achieved 8th ranking. It is the 3rd consecutive year for CMU to receive this honor. The ranking was made by all university presidents in a cross-ranking process in which CMU is recognized for its assertive approach to drive both education and research with outstanding overall development and academic achievements that are objectively reflected in drastic advances in world university rankings.

Advances of education policies and regulations on traditional Chinese medicine toward excellence ~The first national conference among universities and colleges of traditional Chinese medicine was held at China Medical University

In order for traditional Chinese medicine to advance on practice, training, education and licensing in a timely manner, the first national conference among universities and colleges of traditional Chinese medicine was launched at China Medical University on March 24. Leaders of 4 universities and 5 schools of traditional Chinese medicine got together with officials from Higher Education Division of Ministry of Education, Traditional Chinese Medicine Division and Medical Affair Division of Ministry of Health and Welfare to discuss issues on practice, training, education and licensing. President Wen-Hua Lee made opening remarks with the notion that traditional Chinese medicine, being the best measure for preventive medicine with well noted impact on health promotion, should be greatly appreciated by the government and society to further advance this medical discipline to the whole world to benefit mankind.

Acupunture has been shown with evidence-based research to confirm its efficacy and mechanism of action in treating pain caused by inflammatory disorders

『Acupunture in Traditional Chinese Medicine 』has again been confirmed with scientific evidence-based research for its efficacy in relieving pain caused by inflammatory disorders. A team at the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupunture Center of China Medical University has established that electric acupunture at 陽明胃經「 足三里」穴位 in the foot could effectively relieve pain caused by inflammatory disorders. The mechanism of action involves release of endorphins and adenylate to inhibit TRPV1 and Nav1.8 sodium channel mediated signaling cascade. This set of findings was published in Scientific Reports, a journal of high impact in the NATURE series, to enlighten the whole world the therapeutic efficacy of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine.

2016 China Medical University-Asia University 「U21 Innovation Invention Competition 」winners received awards

China Medical University and Asia University jointly sponsored the「U21 Innovation Invention Competition 」. A total of 83 projects competed for awards. China Medical University presented 6 projects. After review by an expert panel, one received a Bronze Award, one honorable mention and one qualified for entry. President Wen-Hua Lee presented the award certificates and cash prizes to the winners in the Administrative Meeting on January 11, 2017.

The 3rd Campus Entrepreneur Competition winners were honored

The Academia-Industry Cooperation Division at China Medical University sponsored the 3rd Campus Entrepreneur Competition. A total of 9 projects joined the competition. Five projects received awards. President Wen-Hua Lee presented awards to the student winners in the 3rd University Affair Meeting during the first semester of academic year 105.

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