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Wen-Hwa Lee,President
Chung Y. Hsu,Chief Consultant

Innovation Out of Clinical Care ~ China Medical University (CMU) Hospital Department of Nursing and CMU Biomedical Engineering Research and Development Center Received the Prestigious Innovation Award from Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry

Based on clinical care demands, CMU Hospital Department of Nursing and CMU Biomedical Engineering Research and Development Center have developed a novel mouth piece featuring double-layer structure which has effectively reduced the incidence of oral mucosa injury in critically ill patients and improved the quality of nursing care. This innovative device was favorably reviewed by the Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry Review Committee with the following praises to win the National Innovation Award:『Based on healthcare needs, the mouth piece built with new materials and structure carries a unique and solid design for flexibility to reduce injury which is frequently caused by currently available products on the market. This new device has a comprehensive commercialization assessment to meet the market needs and has received patents from Taiwan and China to be well qualified to receive the award. 』

Pioneer 3D Printing for Highly Demanded Custom-Made Medical Services ~ China Medical University Healthcare System, in Collaboration with Aurora Group, Established Chang-Yang Biomedical Inc. International Which Has Officially Started Operation

There is an urgent market demand for custom-made healthcare devices based on 3D printing. In order to meet the patient needs for effective custom-made therapeutic processes and to improve overall quality of healthcare, China Medical University Healthcare System and Aurora Group jointly announced the establishment of Chang-Yang Biomedical Inc. International on October 17, 2016. Transfer of expert clinical technology from China Medical University Hospital for custom-made 3D printing healthcare services applies the marketing advantages of Aurora Group and its branch company, General Integration Technology Inc., with soft- and hard-ware 3D services for local delivery of certified 3D digital healthcare services. It is expected that this 3D printing-based services will benefit 12,000 hospitals and clinics by assisting 8,000 physicians with specialty technology to improve quality of healthcare.

Approach to Cancer Suppression Gene: From Basic Knowledge to Clinical Applications ~ President Wen-Hwa Lee Was Invited to Deliver《Modern Biomedicine Lectureship》to Share Novel Findings

The internationally renowned President Wen-Hwa Lee delivered the《Modern Biomedicine Lectureship》at China Medical University on「The Saga of Tumor Suppressor Genes: from Basic Understanding to Clinical Applications」to share novel research findings. Based on discoveries made by the Taiwan Genomic and Proteomic Research Groups, President Lee focused on genes and proteins essential in cancer cell survival and growth for developing novel anti-cancer drugs based on highly attractive new strategies. President made the first discovery of cancer suppression gene in 1986 to change the biomedical views on pathogenesis of cancer and open a new field in cancer research. President Lee has been nominated as a candidate for Nobel Prize on several occasions for his research accomplishments. His lectureship attracted broad attention of faculty and students to gain new knowledge with enthusiasm.

Collaboration with World Renowned University ~ China Medical University (CMU) and University of California, Irvine (UCI) Held a Joint Research Symposium

To promote exchange and collaboration with world-renowned universities, Dean Chih-Hong Chen, College of Medicine, China Medical University, held the first CMU-UCI Joint Symposium, inviting investigators in multiple disease specialties from both universities to get together in presenting the most recent research discoveries, aiming for promoting human health and welfare.


Creating Miracle to Advance for a Better Future ~ China Medical University and National Hemei Experimental School Sponsored「2016 Computer Game Competition of Brain Wave-Assisted Electronic Devices」

China Medical University and National Hemei Experimental School jointly held「2016 Computer Game Competition of Brain Wave-Assisted Electronic Devices」which started with enthusiasm on December 30, inviting students from National Taichung First Senior High School and Ming-Cheng Elementary School from Shou-Sue County, ChangHua and students with cerebral palsy from National Hemei Experimental School to join distinguished guests for computer game competition using brain wave-assisted electronic devices. The brain wave-assisted electronic devices for this competition were developed by CMU Biomedical Engineering Research and Development Center, presenting novel R&D accomplishments as well as training expertise to offer children with cerebral palsy cognitive training based on entertainment-driven teaching with options for leisure activities. In opening remarks, Prof. Jong-Tsun Huang, former Minister of Education, related the power of mind-body in driving the external world. He encouraged children with cerebral palsy to force their brain to show their ability in creating miracle and building a better future.

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