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Wen-Hwa Lee,President
Chung Y. Hsu,Chief Consultant

Topnotch Investigators gathered at China Medical University to convene a 2-day International Forum on Biomedical Science

To enhance global visibility of biomedical science in Taiwan and to offer a platform for international collaboration to develop greater winning opportunities, 2016 International Biomedicine Forum was held at China Medical University for 2 days, starting July 1. In this English-only conference, topnotch scientists from the US and more than 20 Academicians from Academia Sinica delivered special lectures covering a broad scope of hot topics including cancer, neuroscience, metabolism, biological chemistry, immunology, stem cells, virus and plant ecology. In his opening remarks, President Wen-Hwa Lee promoted interdisciplinary dialogue to foster cohesive collaboration and broaden global view.  Chairman Chang-Hai Tsai envisioned advances in basic research, new drug discovery and healthcare revolution with spectacular achievements.

China Medical University Hospital and Novartis-Taiwan signed advanced memorandum of collaboration to promote stroke prevention and therapy

Novartis, a leading pharmaceutical company in Taiwan and in the world renewed memorandum of collaboration (MOU) with China Medical University Hospital (CMUH) after joint clinical research for 6 years. Trustee Chung Y. Hsu of China Medical University and Healthcare System remarked that CMUH has established several research centers and recruited distinguished investigators in Taiwan and abroad to acquire Clinical Trial Center of Excellence and Cancer Research Center of Excellence from Ministry of Health and Welfare. With unique R&D strengths in traditional Chinese medicine to build a solid research platform, CMUH has attracted several multinational pharmaceutical companies for collaboration as demonstrated by the second-term MOU in collaboration with Novartis. This joint venture is likely to benefit more patients in the greater central Taiwan region.

Joint venture to build biotech TSMC ~ China Medical University and Asia University together working with Industrial Technology Research Institute to facilitate collaborative R&D dynamics

China Medical University (CMU) with R&D momentum in biomed territory has been in close collaboration across disciplines with Asia University, a sister institution. Starting this year, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is engaged as a strategic partner. Chairman Chang-Hai Tsai anticipated in the May 6th CMU-ITRI joint conference that CMU and its hospital will accelerate R&D to bring biotech industry to a higher level in the joint venture to promote economy in Taiwan through the establishment of a biotech TSMC (Industrial Technology Research Institute).

Linkage of academic resources across disciplines ~ China Medical University and National Tsing Hua University signed inter-university collaboration agreement

China Medical University (CMU) and National Tsing Hua University (NTHU), both ranked among the top-100 universities in Asia, celebrated their linkage through a collaboration agreement; CMU President Wen-Hwa Lee and NTHU President Hong Hocheng signed memorandum of collaboration for joint academic endeavors between the 2 universities. Both President Wen-Hwa Lee and President Hong Hocheng shared the same view that linking academic resources across disciplines will be helpful to advance teaching, research capacity and competitiveness in biotech industry.

Acupuncture is effective in improving memory loss after stroke ~ China Medical University Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Research Center brings benefit to patients through distinguished research accomplishment

A good news for patients with stroke! Research conducted at China Medical University Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Research Center confirmed the effect of electric stimulation of ear acupuncture point in restoring memory loss caused by ischemic stroke. This distinguished research accomplishment was published in Scientific Reports, attracting attention from academic institutions across nations and demonstrating the impact of acupuncture research in benefiting patients with lost function

A pride among Chinese ~ Director Hsien-Yuan Lane of the Graduate Institute of Clinical Medical Science at China Medical University received CNS Drug Innovation Award from International College of Neuropsychopharmacology

The research team led by Director Hsien-Yuan Lane of the Graduate Institute of Clinical Medical Science at China Medical University has directed its research effort at the regulatory action of NMDA receptor to make important contribution in the treatment of psychiatric disorders and become internationally renowned. Director Hsien-Yuan Lane is one of the 2 winners of the CNS Drug Innovation Award given by International College of Neuropsychopharmacology. Director Lane’s research accomplishment is a pride of academic research in Taiwan.

Acupuncture reduction of body weight confirmed with evidence-based research of mechanism ~ Research accomplishment at CMU Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Research Center was published in an internationally renowned scientific journal

Acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine is again confirmed to be effective in reducing body weight through evidence-based research!  The research team at CMU Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Research Center discovered that electric stimulation of acupoints on stomach channel of foot-Yangming was effective in reducing deposition of white fat in the abdomen. This piece of research discovery was published in Scientific Reports, a journal in the Nature journal series, highlighting the therapeutic impact of acupuncture through evidence-based research in international academic arena.

《Next New Star Entrepreneur》 ~ CMU Academia-Industry Cooperation Office held a series of workshops on novelty, innovations and venture

To encourage university students to advance their novelty and innovations into venture, CMU Academia-Industry Office recently held a series of workshops on novelty, innovations and venture. Entrepreneurs were invited to share their venture models and practical experiences. These workshops were well attended by students. Dean Chun-Hsu Yao of CMU Academia-Industry Cooperation encouraged students to brainstorm each other to become the next《New Star Entrepreneur》.

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