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Wen-Hwa Lee,President
Chung Y. Hsu,Chief Consultant

For Strategic Partnership, China Medical University and Industrial Technology Research Institute Signed MOU

China Medical University (CMU) and Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) have joyfully engaged in R&D collaboration. On April 8th, President Wen-Hwa Lee and ITRI President Jong-Ming Liu, representing respective institutions, signed memorandum of understanding for strategic partnership. President Liu anticipated long-term advances of biomedical R&D in Taiwan. President Lee encouraged linkage of academic knowledge and research technology to industrial applications for establishing market values to generate revenues for both institutions.

China Medical University Hospital and Shanghai Jiao Tong University Engineering Research Center of Digital Medicine Signed MOU to Jointly Explore Medical Utility of 3D Printing

Aiming to establish educational, research and academic exchange in developing 3D printing teaching courses, Superintendent Der-Yang Cho of China Medical University Hospital and Academician Professor Ke-Rong Dai of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Engineering Research Center of Digital Medicine signed memorandum of understanding on 3D Printing applications in Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Workshop held on March 19 to jointly explore medical utility of 3D printing to benefit patients.

China Medical University, National Taiwan Normal University, and Asia University Established Partnership to Facilitate Academic Exchange

Aiming to facilitate academic exchange, President Wen-Hwa Lee of China Medical University, President Kuo-en Chan of National Taiwan Normal University and President Jeffrey J.P. Tsai of Asia University signed memorandum of understanding for collaboration among 3 universities, anticipating win-win-win achievements for 3 universities through sharing of resources.


FFR Confirmed to Improve School Children’s Learning Efficiency

Professor Shin-Da Lee of China Medical University accepted a task to conduct a study to assess the usefulness of Frequency Following Response (FFR) in improving learning efficiency among school children at Quiao- Xiao Elementary School. Results confirmed the effectiveness of FFR in improving self-reported sleep quality and facilitating learning efficiency in school children.

Caring.Health, CMU’s Spin-off Company, is in Operation Officially

In view of the urgent demand for professional care givers, Professor Ya-Ling Tzeng, Director of China Medical University School of Nursing, assembled a team of 6 teachers to jointly establish Caring.Health, a University spin-off company, offering an assembly line of guidance and services starting from education and training to consultation and job counseling. This company, now in operation officially, is a bright spot of the University intiative to establish spin-off companies, to create blue-ocean job opportunities on healthcare.

Winners of 2015 U21 Creativity Competition Are Announced

Winners of China Medical University – Asia University Alliance-Sponsored 2015 『U21 Creativity Competition』have been announced. Among 9 applications from China Medical University, 3 received Silver Award , Bronze Award and Honorable Mention respectively. It is truly unique that the 3 winners are all Master Program students Jing-Xiang Yang. Shi-Jie Huang.Chang-Wei Kuo from the School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science. President Wen-Hwa Lee presented the Winning Certificates and Awards Prizes to the winners in the University Administrative Meeting on January 13.

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