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Wen-Hwa Lee,President
Chung Y. Hsu,Chief Consultant

China Medical University and Hiwin Technologies Corp launched HIWIN-CMU Joint R&D Center in a contract signing ceremony ~ combining medical device R&D and talent cultivation to promote human welfare

Hiwin Technologies Corp and China Medical University established HIWIN-CMU Joint R&D Center in a collaboration contract signing ceremony held by Hiwin Technologies Corp Chairman Eric YT Chuo and China Medical Unviersity President Wen-Hwa Lee on September 19. President Lee expressed gratitude to Hiwin Technologies Corp for its affirmative recognition of research capability on biomedical engineering and rehabilitation technology at China Medical University and looks forward to advancing biomedical engineering and rehabilitation research in Taiwan to a new milestone.

Biotech industry momentum and trend in Taiwan ~ Chairman Rongin Lin of Central Laboratories, Inc. delivered a special lecture at China Medical University

『Business competition is cruel with no mercy - Planning always falls behind evolution』are the key remarks made by Chairman Rongin Lin of Central Laboratories, Inc. in his special lecture at China Medical University to share his experience in global industrial expansion.  Chairman Lin stated that biotech industry in Taiwan must be developed with innovative global view and cannot restrict its scope within Taiwan. Before blue sea market shrinks into red-sea, it is crucial to jump into another new blue sea in time. This is the only strategy for sustaining viability and advancing development of the enterprise.

Great Achievement! Academician Kenneth Kun-Yu Wu, an endowed professor at China Medical University, received the highest academic award in Republic of China: The 2015 Presidential Science Award

2015 Presidential Science Award has been announced. Academician Kenneth Kun-Yu Wu, an endowed professor at China Medical University, with research directed at  hematological malignancy has made a novel finding that 5-methoxytryptophan(5-MTP)is an endogenous protective factor which suppresses tumor cell migration and invasion. Academician Wu also has delineated the novel mechanism of aspirin action and developed a popular method to measure platelet aggregation. Academician Wu’s outstanding academic achievements, playing a pivotal role in advancing national scientific stature in the world, led to his standing-out among life science peers to receive this distinct award. President Wen-Hua Lee praises Academician Wu as a faulty role model on scientific discoveries and contributions.

Earning fortune through valid means ~ Vice President Walter Chen shares his unique【Excel Financial Management】strategy

Do you know how much wealth you hold? May be in an approximate range.  Very few are precise in getting the right account. As a pediatrician, Vice President Walter Chen keeps personal Excel accounts including real estate properties, cash, foreign bills, savings, stocks, investment and insurance accounts as well as arts collections categorized into tangible properties and real estate in clear order. Vice President stated with pride that the financial accounts are always e-mailed to the attention of family members on his business trips abroad so that his wife and children are on hold of the financial accounts just in case something unfortunate happens to him. Vice President believes this is his responsibility as the head of the household.

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