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Wen-Hwa Lee,President
Chung Y. Hsu,Chief Consultant

China Medical University Office of Academia-Industry Cooperation Has Established Environment Monitoring Service Platform to Serve the Industry

Asbestos fiber is harmful to human body. It is not legally permitted for asbestos fiber to be traceable in building materials and equipment. China Medical University Office of Academia-Industry Cooperation has established Environment Monitoring Service Platform under the leadership of Prof. Ching-Tang Kuo, a pioneer on environment moinitoring. The team under Prof. Kuo’s direction has acquired the expertise in detecting asbestos fiber based on facilities that meet international standards. This team is capable of providing monitoring services with precision and high speed for the industry to maintain environmental safety and public health.

Teachers with Excellent Performance in Academia-Industry Cooperation Received Awards for Physical Year 103

To encourage teachers to be actively engaged in industry-academia cooperation for transfer of knowledge and technology for industrial utilities, facilitating market competitiveness and promoting citizen health, China Medical University has identified 16 teachers with excellent accomplishments in innovation based on academia-industry cooperation unit revenues, number and amount of technology transfer. These distinguished teachers received awards from Vice President Walter Chen in the University Administrative Meeting on July 8.

China Medical University Office of Academia-Industry Cooperation Led 10 Collaborating Companies to Attend BioTaiwan 2015 Exhibition

BioTaiwan 2015 Exhibition was held for 4 days starting July 23 at Nan-Kang Exhibition Hall. In order to stay abreast of the latest R&D trend in the market, China Medical University led 10 collaborating companies in academia-cooperation to attend this exhibition. Vice President Yang-Chang Wu and Dean Chin-Ping Wu of the College of Pharmacy went to the exhibition together to show their support for the participating companies, anticipating advances in biotech R&D to benefit citizen health.

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