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Wen-Hwa Lee,President
Chung Y. Hsu,Chief Consultant

The giant of the generation in neuroscience~Dr. Shinn-Zong Lin, Professor of China Medical University, won the 2012 Charter Fellow of the National Academy of Inventor.

The National Academy of Inventor (NAI) announced the newly appointed 2012 Charter Fellows. The internationally well-known authority of neurosurgery Professor Shinn-Zong Lin of China Medical University was chosen to be one of the honored Charter Fellows. His outstanding performance and excellent contributions in the field of neuroscience were highly praised and confirmed. He is also the first college professor to receive this honor in Taiwan.

The Superintendent Dr. Shinn-Zong Lin of the China Medical University Beigang Hospital was awarded the Bernard Sanberg Memorial Award of the American Society for Neural Therapy & Repair in 2010. His outstanding manifestations that make him awarded as the NAI Charter Fellow include more than 20 international patents for inventions, long-term devotion in the R&D of new drugs for the treatments of malignant brain tumors as well as transformations of drugs into products, and development of Brain Positioning System (BPS) for brain surgery that assists more accurate brain surgery operation based on his practical clinical experiences. The success that has drawn most attention for the medical community is that he innovates the fetal dopamine cell transplantation in the patients of Parkinson’s disease successfully in Taiwan. With the stem cell therapy, Dr. Lin brings new treatment opportunities for Parkinson patients.

Guardian for the public health with hearts~The Biomedical Engineer R&D Team of the China Medical University innovates the design of 《Double-layer mousepiece》

When patients are in intubation for anesthesia, oxygen therapy or first aid process, the mousepieces will be used in order to prevent the involuntary tube-biting that will lead to the suffocation. A trivial medical material with careful designs will reduce effectively the pains and tortures derived from the complications of intubation. The Double-layer mousepieceswith innovative design created by Department of Nursing and the Biomedical Engineer R&D Team of the China Medical University Hospital have applied for the national patents and are proceeding the clinical tests. It is hopefully will be put in listing for mass-production with the mechanism of academia-industry cooperation and with the cooperation of manufacturers that have noticed the marketing potentials.

Shares in Academia-Industry Cooperation Practical Experience~The executives of Hungkuang University visited CMU and shared with the operating mechanism of academia-industry cooperation in CMU

It becomes the general trend for colleges to promote the academia-industry cooperation. The Academic Vice President Dr. Maw-Ling Wang and the Executive Vice President Dr. Kuang-Hway Yih and 3 executives of Hungkuang University visited the Office of Academia-Industry Cooperation of CMU and sought for the operating and matching mechanisms in the afternoon of December 5, 2012. The vice President of CMU Dr. Walter Chen shared the practical experiences and the “win-win strategy”. On one hand, it has to inspire professors to transform the R&D results into industrialized products, and on the other hand, it is to employ the professional managers to assist the matching the cooperation project between the academia and the industry. As long as the knowledge and the technology of the professors meet the needs of the manufacturers, it will be able to operate successfully.

Delivery of Loves in Deep Winter~CMU organized the 『2012 Central Auxiliary Cyber Games and R&D Result Presentation』warmly presented

At the end of the year in winter, CMU and the Health Care System delivered loves for our disabled friends. 2012 Central Auxiliary Cyber Games and R&D Result Presentationwas held at the auditorium of Love Home, Taichung City on December 29. The game contents of Auxiliary Cyber Games were focused on “moving” as the main theme of this year and adopted the ways to combine education with recreation. Meanwhile, the cross-domain R&D and integration energy for software and hardware between hospitals and schools were also presented. The National Hemei Experimental School, Changhua, the members of Taichung City Spinal Cord Injury Association and the stroke patients of CMU Hospital were invited to participate and to rediscover the joys of life.

The winners of the 2012 U21 Creative Invention Contest of China Asia Associated University were announced

CMU and Asia University co-hosted the 2012『U21 Creative Invention Contest』 and the winners have been announced. The participated groups consisted of teachers and students were so many and the works for competition were as many as 220 that covered different fields. There were 202 works in design groups and 18 in non-design groups. The total numbers were five times more than 38 competition works of last year. The Director of Creative Design and Invention Center, Asia University, Mr. Shiao-Chung Chan said that “In fact, it is not so difficult to invent and everyone can be the smart inventor!”

Happy New Year

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