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Wen-Hwa Lee,President
Chung Y. Hsu,Chief Consultant

Establishing A World-class Topnotch Research Center ~ Grand Opening of Research Center for Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture at China Medical University

On February 24, 2015, the first work day after Lunar New Year, the Research Center for Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture at China Medical University was officially installed. In the grand opening ceremony, Chancellor Wen-Hwa Lee gave high expectations for the elite research team to advance the expertise and experiences achieved by the legendary figures in traditional Chinese medicine by setting strategic goals in innovative research to attain both academic and industrial values. Chancellor Lee was pleased to note that the great tradition and unique strengths of China Medical University in research on traditional Chinese medicine including acupuncture have made eminent contributions to biotech research and development in Taiwan, playing a pivotal role with highly impressive accomplishments, especially on evidence-based medicine, in the international academic arena,. The Research Center for Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture, in accord with the government-academic- industry collaboration model set by National Research Project for Biopharmaceuticals in Taiwan, has assembled a team of topnotch scholars with expertise on traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture research. This team has set a noble goal with strategic plans to integrate teaching and research resources for promoting innovative research on traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture to establish the world-leading stature.

China Medical University is ranked 6th in Top 20 Universities of Excellence by Taiwan university presidents

China Medical University is ranked 6th in the Top 20 Universities of Excellence, the first peer assessment of university performance by university presidents in Taiwan. In recent years, China Medical University has made persistent great leaps in innovative teaching and research accomplishments to enter the top-500 roll of world universities and the top-200 list in the discipline of clinical medicine. China Medical University shares the #6 spot with National Cheng Kung University in the TOP20 ranking. On Feb 12, Vice President Yang-Chang Wu, on behalf of CMU, received the award from Ms. Yun-Peng Yin, a renowned publisher in Taiwan and founder of CommonWealth Magazine. The peer review, sponsored by Cheers magazine, invited 152 university presidents to provide assessment on advances made within each university in comparison with its past performance to recognize the ones that have made greater improvement and growth than others. China Medical University, under the leadership of Chancellor Wen-Hwa Lee, aims to build the first-class university of high quality by focusing on its fundamental mission on medical education with practical roles in innovation and clinical services. China Medical University is also in the process of making seamless linkage with world-leading universities to cultivate talents across disciplines, aiming to achieve prestigious stature in the field of medicine.

Tainan Municipal An-Nan Hospital - China Medical University and Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology establish alliance to share resources in cultivating healthcare talents

In order to consolidate collaboration across disciplines, Tainan Municipal An-Nan Hospital - China Medical University signed Collaboration Agreement with Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology on Feb 2, 2015. The two parties started immediately to work together on education, research, traineeship and resource sharing, aiming at cultivation of healthcare professionals for providing medical services in Taiwan. The agreement signing ceremony was held at An-Nan Hospital with Vice Superintendent Binan Wu and President Hsing-Chau Tseng representing the two parties respectively. Superintendent Shinn-Zong Lin of An-Nan Hospital expects the mutually beneficial collaboration plan will provide better training environment for students to integrate learning and practicing in seamless transfer from school to work place. He also anticipates that collaboration with Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology will lead to impressive achievements in teaching, research and talent cultivation across disciplines.

Comprehensive consultation services for technology transfer implemented by Academia-Industry Cooperation Office

Technology transfer from China Medical University to industry in academia-industry cooperation has received highly favorable praises from business partners. In order to make knowledge and technology transfer to commercialization in a seamless manner, Academia-Industry Cooperation Office continues to consolidate comprehensive consultation services. Prof. Jin-Bin Wu, Dean of College of Pharmacy, has made visits to meet in person with Chairman Tong-Ping Chen of Shih Hwa Biotech Co., Ltd. and Chairman Ling-ying Yin of Chien Tien Biotechnology to provide intensive consultation services to gain customers’ satisfaction as well as to reach efficient control of product quality.

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