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Wen-Hwa Lee,President
Chung Y. Hsu,Chief Consultant

Move Ahead of The Crowd on Pharmaceutical Industry ~ China Medical University in Alliance with Center Laboratories, Inc. to Cultivate Pharmaceutical Industry Talents

Pharmaceutical Industry has been well recognized to be the most promising high tech industry for the 21st Century. China Medical University and Center Laboratories, Inc., a renowned domestic pharmaceutical company, established alliance applying the academia-industry cooperation model to cultivate talents in demand for pharmaceutical industry. President Wen-Hwa Lee of China Medical University and Chairman Rongjin Lin of Center Laboratories, Inc. signed a letter of intent for collaboration. This Agreement will start with the establishment of a master program on pharmaceutical industry with internship in pharmaceutical factories to acquire practical expertise. Those graduates with distinguished grades will have great opportunities to become formal employees at Center Laboratories, Inc. to join in advancing domestic pharmaceutical industry and to break new ground for  domestic manufacturing of new drugs in Taiwan.

Pharmacological Research Accomplishments with Health Benefit ~ Director Hsien-Yuan Lane, Graduate Institute of Clinical Medical Science, Received 24th Wang Ming-Ning Award

Prof. Hsien-Yuan Lane, Director, Graduate Institute of Clinical Medical Science, has focused his research on psychopharmacology with brilliant achievements, unraveling a new ground in pharmaocotherapy of psychiatric disorders. Prof. Lane’s research accomplishments not only have raised a new horizon for treating psychiatric disorders but also facilitated new drug discovery in pharmaceutical industry. Prof. Lane received the 24th Wang Ming-Ning Award in a ceremony in Taipei on December 19. Prof. Lane is one of the five Wang Ming-Ning Award recipients at China Medical University, who joins in Prof. Sheng-Chu Kuo (9th), Prof. Ying-Chin Ko (10th), Yueh-Hsiung Kuo (15th) and Prof. Yang-Chang Wu (15th) in the rank to bring pride and joy to China Medical University faculty and students.

School of Nursing and Health Science, Janghan University Explores Academic Collaboration with College of Healthcare, China Medical University

Deputy Principal Yali Ben, School of Nursing and Health Science, and Director Hongmei Chu, Department of Nursing, from Janghan University in China visited China Medical University on November 7 to explore with Dean Wu-Chung Shen, College of Healthcare, China Medical University, for academic collaboration and for establishing alliance as sister institutions. Vice President Walter Chen endorsed this proposal with plans for invitation of faculty members to lecture in China, student exchange to cultivate expertise in relevant disciplines, summer camp activities and short-term faculty exchange to reach concrete achievements.

Research Today、Teaching Tomorrow ~ Taipei Medical University President Yun Yen Delivered Endowed Lectureship on Biotech Development for Universities

Biotech industry has been acclaimed to be the star industry in the 21st Century. It is a global trend for universities to move into biotech R&D. President Yun Yen of Taipei Medical University was invited to deliver an endowed lectureship on Biotech Development for Universities with the following views: to fulfill the ultimate mission for a university to sustain its development, it has to promote science/technology innovation and translation and to explore financial resources through academia-industry cooperation and spin-off entrepreneurship. President Yen believes university teaching is on knowledge acquired by scholars over time. Research, on the other hand, is setting the direction for development of future knowledge. For medical education, it is necessary to advance its capacity on academic research for subsequent translation of research accomplishments to benefit the society. By doing so, the university will be able to maintain the driving force for sustained operation.

To Facilitate Mutual Understanding, China Medical University Office of Academia-Industry Cooperation Invited Intellectual Property Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs, to Co-sponsor a Symposium on Pa

In order to facilitate understanding and application of patent search by faculty and students, China Medical University Office of Academia-Industry Cooperation invited experts from Intellectual Property Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs to hold a symposium on Patent Database Search and Application on November 27. Faculty, staff students at the University and healthcare professionals from CMU Hospital derived much benefit from participating in this symposium. Prof. Wen-Chuan Lin, Director, Center for Intellectual Property Transfer, anticipated that faculty and students have advanced their patent search ability and will fully utilize specialty databases to apply patent information in facilitating creative research to add values to innovation and to promote competitiveness.

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