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Wen-Hwa Lee,President
Chung Y. Hsu,Chief Consultant

Nanlliu Enterprise Team Visited China Medical University to Explore Academia-Industry Cooperation for Developing Healthcare Supplies

Nanlliu Enterprise Co., LTD., with global marketing strategies for manufacturing and selling nonwoven fabrics, hygienic towelettes, surgery gowns and other medical and healthcare supplies, has an optimistic perspective on incorporating traditional Chinese and herbal meds into cosmetics. A Nanlliu Enterprise team of 7 led by General Manager HC Huang and Plant Manager Jen Huang came from Kaohsiung to visit China Medical University for exploring academia-industry cooperation. China Medical University is renowned for robust R&D accomplishments on traditional Chinese and herbal meds. Vice President Walter Chen believes it is in the right direction to develop R&D collaboration. Traditional Chinese and herbal meds in facial masks and hygienic towelettes may inhibit bacterial growth and reduce allergic reactions, not only ensuring consumers’ health but also enhancing market competitiveness.

For Planting the Root and Paving the Path for Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China Medical University and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Renew Collaboration Agreement

President Wen-Hwa Lee of China Medical University and President Xu Anlong of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine renewed collaboration agreement between the two universities on October 1, 2014. Based on existing foundation of collaboration, this renewed agreement aims to construct computer linkage for sharing teaching resources, compile traditional Chinese medicine pharmacopoeia, exchange graduate students with cross recognition of academic credits and collaborate in traditional Chinese medicine research. The two universities will join in advancing the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine to the world stage on highly focused hot topics.

Practical and Pragmatic in Promoting Knowledge/Technology Exchange and Collaboration ~ China Medical University and Asia University Held Academia-Industry Cooperation Day Event

China Medical University and its sister university, Asia University, held Academia-Industry Cooperation Day Event on October 17, 2014. Vice President Huei-Chen Ko of Asia University addressed the objective of this Academia-Industry Collaboration Day Event. It aimed to inform industry in central Taiwan the robust R&D output from China Medical University and Asia University through academia-industry cooperation and the available academic resources at these 2 universities. This Event also allowed faculty members to recognize the industrial needs and to leverage The Volunteer Service Association, established by Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs, which plays an intermediate role in transfer of academic resources, technology and R&D accomplishments to facilitate more coherent academia-industry cooperation.

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