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Wen-Hwa Lee,President
Chung Y. Hsu,Chief Consultant

Dr. James P. Allison, the Winner of the first Tang Prize for Biopharmaceutical Science visited China Medical University with his wife, Dr. Padmanee Sharma, to deliver special lectures

Dr. James P. Allison, Executive Director of MD Anderson Cancer Center, who won the first Tang Prize in Biopharmaceutical Science, was invited to China Medical University with his wife, Dr. Padmanee Sharma, on September 15 to deliver special lectures on innovative immune checkpoint in cancer therapy. They were warmly greeted by President Wen-Hwa Lee, Vice President Walter Chen, and Vice President Yang-Chang Wu. Dr. James P. Allison’s lecture was entitled “Targeting Immune Checkpoints in Cancer” and Dr. Padmanee Sharma’s “Immune Checkpoint Therapy: Clinical Results and Next Steps”. These topnotch scientific lectures attracted a large crowd of biomedical investigators and clinicians and were followed by a heated question and answer session.

Another R&D Breakthrough by a CMU Team: A Brand New Health Food, Gu-Sui-Bu, is Introduced to the Market

A brand new health food is on the market! A CMU research team under the leadership of Professor Wen-Chuan Lin, College of Medicne, and Dean Jin Bin Wu, College of Pharmacy, has successfully developed Gu-Sui-Bu from Rhizoma Drynariae, a local plant in Taiwan, into a licensed health food product. In an 8-year R&D endeavor in academia-industry cooperation from research to technology transfer and then to commercialization with national health foord certification by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (Health Food License No. 260, August 2014). This R&D accomplishment based on academia-industry cooperation is another glorious achievement made at CMU, reconfirming the unique strength of a well-established research team with expertise in biotech development of plant products for health in Taiwan.

Five patents by China Medical University investigators were introduced in 2014 Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart

2014 Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart was held in Taipei World Trade Center, starting September 18 for 4 days. Five patents by China Medical University researchers were presented in this event to show teachers’ innovations in R&D. A large number of international companies were on the scene to express their strong interest in these patents, facilitating technology exchange and providing business opportunities.

U21 Innovation Contest of China-Asia University Alliance is launched and opens for students to compete

2014 U21 Innovation Contest has been launched to promote students interactions for sharing innovations between China Medical University and Asia University in October. This event continues the plan of China Medical University and Asia University alliance in establishing a platform for dream-fulfilling actions by the new generation. The competition activities are sponsored to motivate collaboration across schools, colleges and universities, aiming for integration of multidisciplinary creativities to cultivate national competitiveness in innovation industry for the next generation.

A health lecture held by Bright Heart Club (or New Light Club) at China Medical University Hospital to introduce organic produce and food without additives

As the gutter oil scandal continues to raise concerns about food safety, a New Light Club (or Bright Heart Club) of the Compassion Organic Agriculture Foundation was invited to give a health lecture on September 11, introducing organic produce and food without additives and sharing a story about “Recovery of the Land” by organic agriculture, drawing high interest among the participants. Professor Wu-Chung Shen, Dean of the College of Healthcare, encouraged that health-conscious behavior be incorporated into daily life to foster a healthy environment.

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