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Wen-Hwa Lee,President
Chung Y. Hsu,Chief Consultant

Dr. Walter Chen, Vice President, China Medical University, received Health Promotion Achievement Award for creating novel physical fitness growth charts out of concerns about obesity in children

Dr. Walter Chen , Vice President, China Medical University, has been dedicating himself to probe physical changes in obese children . After several years of research, Dr. Chen has successfully created growth charts based on  physical fitness for children that have been adopted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare tobecome the recommended standards of body mass index (BMI) for children and adolescents in Taiwan. For this distinct contribution, Dr. Chen received Health Promotion Achievement Award from Minsitry of Health and Welfare. On delivering this Award, Vice Health Minister Yen-Jou Lin made the following remarks: “Dr. Chen sets the best example of promoting health through prevention.”

Dr. Ko Wing Man, Secretary for Food and Health, Hong Kong, ledChinese Medicine Development Committee to visit China Medical University.

Dr. Ko Wing Man, Secretary for Food and Health, Hong Kong, led a team of 27 Chinese Medicine Development Committee members to visit China Medical University on July 31th. They met President Wen-Hwa Lee, Trustee Jaung-Geng Lin and Vice President Yang-Chang Wu to exchange views on developing Chinese medicine based on the principle of evidence-based medicine set by the Hong Kong Government. China Medical University has joined the Materia Medica Standards Project commissioned by Hong Kong Department of Health. Dr. Ko Wing Man expressed the necessity to establish standards for Chinese herbal medicines, expecting that Hong Kong Chinese Materia Medica Standards could be recognized as global standards and used worldwide. He also expressed his gratitude toward CMU for its effort and accomplishments in this project.

“i university-owned Enterprises” – Entrepreneurship as the Bright Spot ~ A China Medical University Office of Academia-Industry Cooperation team made a visit to Taipei Medical University

It is an obvious trend now for universities to promote academia-industry cooperation and assist students in micro-fund entrepreneurship. On August 21th, Prof. Chun-Hsu Yao, Dean,  Academia-Industry Cooperation, China Medical University, led a team to visit Taipei Medical University to learn about the newly established innovative “"Alumni Enterprises ” program, focusing on its operation mode and valuable practical experiences in planning the development of CMU economy and trade venture at the Shueinan campus .The CMU team and its counterpart at TMU exchanged views and shared experiences about incubators and academia-industry cooperation with enthusiasm.

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