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Wen-Hwa Lee,President
Chung Y. Hsu,Chief Consultant

Leading Chinese Medicine and New Drug Development to Topnotch - Chinese Medicine Research Center Receives Ministry of Education Topnotch Research Center Grant Award of NT 100 Million

Ministry of Education has just announced the Second Phase Topnotch University Awards. CMU Chinese Medicine Research Center receives NT 100 million funding as one of the Topnotch Research Centers. The Topnotch Research Center rank gives CMU the well-deserved recognition for its long-term commitment in the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine.  President Wen-Hwa Lee is pleased to set a blueprint for this Center to become an international research platform through talent exchange and collaboration across nations to advance traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture research to the world-class stature.

Liangdao Man from Matsu, Taiwan, Proven to be the Oldest AustronesianBased onEvidence Derived fromDNA Evolution Study

Is Taiwan the origin of Austronesians?  This controversial issue carrying diverse expert views had remained unsettled until recently. Dr. Ying-Chin Ko, an endowed professor and Vice President at CMU, has made a break-through discovery based on genetic inheritance studies applying advanced techniques that Taiwan is the origin of Austronesian-speaking ancestors.  Prof. Ko reconstructed genetic lineage of Liangdao Man skeleton from Matsu, Taiwan by analyzing modern DNA and ancient DNA to confirm that Austronesian ancestors were of Fujin origin along the coastal region including adjacent Mastu dating back to more than 8000 years ago.

This landmark research accomplishment on human genetics was published in an esteemed journal, The American Journal of Human Genetics, in March, 2014 with the following title:Early Austronesians:Into and Out Of Taiwan. This paper led by Prof. Ko has drawn broad attention from archaeologists, linguistic anthropologists and genetists around the world.

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