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Wen-Hwa Lee,President
Chung Y. Hsu,Chief Consultant

New Tech for Cancer Diagnosis: R&D Achievement by the China Medical University and National Chao-Tung University Teams across Disciplines Wins National Innovation Award

New tech for cancers diagnosis has emerged under the leadership of Prof. Jin-Chern Chiou, engaging China Medical University Biomedical Engineering R&D Center and National Chao-Tung University Biomedical and Electronic Translational Research Center across disciplines. The 【Innovative Hyper Spectral Imaging System and Technology for Sharpening Cancer Diagnosis】brings new hope to cancer patients and wins the 2013 National Innovation Award.

Pfizer Inc. and China Medical University Healthcare System Sign MOU to Advance Collaborative Research on New Drug Discovery at Global Level

Pfizer Inc., a multinational pharmaceutical giant, and China Medical University and Healthcare System signed MOU (memorandum of understanding) for research collaboration, leveraging the strengths from both parties to advance clinical research and biomedical R&D at global level. The MOU was signed by Chang-Hai Tsai, Chairman, Board of Trustees, China Medical University and Healthcare System and Christine Medhurst, the Pfizer Global R&D Leader.

Lethal Addiction to Betel Nuts in Asia – CNN Report of Research Accomplishments Made by Prof. Ying-Chin Ko, Vice President, China Medical University

The research accomplishments on betel nut addiction made by Prof. Ying-Chin Ko, Vice President, China Medical University, has appeared in the CNN, a US cable news channel. The CNN Special Report based on an interview by Hilary Whiteman, a CNN reporter stationed in Burma, described Prof. Kuo’s research results published in leading international journals on the prevalence of betel nut dependence among ethnic groups in Asia and increased oral cancer risk associated with betel nut chewing to alert the ethnic groups at risk.

Pleasure in Life – China Medical University and Healthcare System Sponsors Brain Wave-assisted Computer Games

To provide people with handicap diverse leisure activities and to apply interactive computer games for promoting rehabilitation, China Medical University Healthcare System sponsored 【Brain Wave-assisted Computer Game Championship】 on December 28, 2013 at Institute for Information Industry, inviting disabled children and patients with brain injury to join the competition. Legislator Yang Yu-Hsin praised the professional teams across disciplines for their understanding and caring about the needs of disadvantaged people to bring pleasure and dignity to life based on an enlightening program which tells very well what education is for life.

2013 《U21 Innovation and Invention Competition》Champions at China Medical University and Asia University Announced

2013 《U21 Innovation and Invention Competition》co-sponsored by China Medical University and Asia University received 53 applications featuring unique innovative ideas and practical application values. Students in Asia University School of Business Products stood out with dominance in this competition, collecting 1 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze awards to be the leading winners.

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