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Wen-Hwa Lee,President
Chung Y. Hsu,Chief Consultant

Opening a New Horizon for the New Century ~ China Medical Uuniversity Builds a University Town in the Taichung Shuinan Economic and Ecological Park

The university affairs including teaching and research at China Medical University have reached a new horizon. After successful execution of “Ten Years - $10 Billion” and “Three Years - Hundred Faculty” projects, the CMU Board of Trustees, under the visionary leadership of its Chairman, Prof. Chang-Hai Tsai, has launched a mega project, entitled “Ten Years - $16 Billion” to build a “University Town” in the Taichung Shuinan Economic and Ecological Park, aiming to advance CMU to the top rank in the world. Academician Yuan-Tseh Lee, the 1986 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry and Chair of the CMU Advisory Board, praises CMU for its fast pace to reach excellence and recommends that future focus be on developing its own signature strengths. 

2013 Internet Popularity University Ranking Places China Medical University No. 3 among Private Universities in Taiwan

In the recently released “Taiwan Internet Popularity University Ranking”, China Medical University ranks #3 based on the OpVie Community Popularity Database among private universities. The 10 private universities that have drawn the most attention are in the following order: Tamkang University, Feng Chia University, China Medical University, Chinese Culture University, Fu Jen Catholic University, Shih Hsin University, Chung Yuan Christian University, Chang Gung University, Tunghai University and Soochow University.

Expert Forum on Leading Edge Research for Advancing CMU U to the World-Class League

To advance CMU and its Healthcare System to the world-class level, an open forum engaging 7 leading experts was held on July 5th. The Leading Edge Research Forum was guided by 5 academicians from Academia Sinica (Academia Sinica Ovid Tzeng, Academician Chao-Han Liu, Academician Fu-Tong Liu, Academician Lou-Chuang Li, Academician and President of the National Health Research Institutes Hsing-Jien Kung) and 2 former Presidents of National Taiwan University (Professor Wei-Jao Chen and Professor Si-Chen Lee). The Forum was attended by key CMU faculty members across colleges who participated in intense brainstorming sessions. The Forum experts suggested that CMU sets up the priorities on leading edge research, draws experts from relevant fields for guidance/collaboration and places its priorities on innovation for breakthrough research to stand above crowd.

Medical Care without Border ~ China Medical University Signs the “Hospital Information Managing System” Technology Transfer Contract

Exchange in healthcare expertise across the Strait has been accelerated in recent years. On July 10, China Medical University held a ceremony for signing the “Hospital Information Managing System” technology transfer contract. It was hosted by Vice President Walter Chen with Superintendent Der-Yang Cho representing China Medical University Hospital, Taichung and Chairman Jun Zhao, representing Kang Cheng Hospital Management Consulting Co., Ltd, Shanghai. Chairman Zhao was very pleased to express his appreciation of having the healthcare IT guidance and support from CMUH. He stated that CMUH, with leading expertise and experience in healthcare IT management systems, will be very helpful to assist in improving quality and effectiveness of healthcare management in his own healthcare system in China.

Japanese Enterprise Visits China Medical University to Develop Rare Peru Plant “Maca”

China Medical University, well-known for research and development on rare species of medicinal plants, has attracted the attention of Mr. Saito Tatsumi, a successful Japanese businessman. During his visit to CMU, Mr. Tatsumi met the herbal and pharmaceutical product expert, Dr. Jin Bin Wu, Director, CMU Office of Academia-Industry Cooperation. This visit focused on importing “Maca”, a rare plant species under protection by the Peru government, to explore its potential for developing health products through academia-industry cooperation.

Eight Manufacturers from China Medical University Incubator Join 2013 Taiwan International Biotechnology Exhibition

Taiwan International Biotechnology Exhibition at Nangang Exhibition Hall opened to the public for 4 days, starting July 18, 2013. It has drawn local and international biotech industries to present health products of diverse utilities and values. Eight manufacturers from the CMU Incubator presented their products developed through academia – industry cooperation at CMU. With products well received in this exhibition, the manufacturers have gained insights into future R&D to meet the market trend.

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