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Change for Innovation; Pursuit of Excellence ~ Chairman Chang-Hai Tsai Elected as “Outstanding Leader” of the 2012 Chinese Enterprise Leaders by the Global Views Monthly

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Dr. Chang-Hai Tsai, Chairman of the China Medical University and its healthcare system, has led the university team with an innovative and transcendent spirit in the pursuit of conspicuous performance in both the academic and medical fields. He has the honor of being awarded the “Outstanding Leader” by the Global Views Monthly as the 2012 Chinese Enterprise Leaders. The award was presented in the 10th Global Views Monthly Summit of Chinese Enterprise Leaders at the ballroom of Far Eastern Plaza Hotel Taipei in November 7 afternoon, and he was the only awardee nationwide.

With his outstanding leadership, the white-coat CEO Chang-Hai Tsai’s dedication to the work in the medical and higher education domains is well recognized by the Global Views Monthly. Tsai stresses connection with the international world and the overall hardware and software, pushing forth the incorporation of a core value of humanitarian care into medical education, and is devoted to the enhancement of Taiwan ’s medical standard and service quality. He spares no effort to create a quality higher education environment and in the pursuit of excellence. He is also concerned with remote areas’ development at the same time, putting the corporate social responsibility into practice, as well as setting up a new role model for the medical and education realms, and promoting social improvement. He is a real benchmark for Chinese leaders.

“2012 Taiwan Medical Model Award” ~ A well-deserved award for Dr. Walter Chen, Vice President of China Medical University

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Professor Walter Chen, the Vice President of China Medical University and the pediatrician of China Medical University Beigang Hospital, has been dedicated to the enhancement of medical education standard in recent years. He has introduced and promoted mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise (mini-CEX) from the US to improve the quality of clinical medical education and innovatively defined the children and adolescent obesity standard in Taiwan. He is also a forerunner for setting up the hospital’s nutrition support team, to which he has made enormous contributions. He is given the well-deserved honor of “Taiwan Medical Model Award” this year. The Vice President of Taiwan Den-Yih Wu openly presented the award to Professor Chen in the celebration ceremony of the 65th National Doctors’ Day held at Taipei International Convention Center on November 12, 2012.

Vitalizing the Fallow Land ~ Academia-Industry Cooperation Team of the China Medical University is Invited to Help with the Planning and Development of Baihe Fallow Land of Tainan

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The government’s policy of vitalizing fallow land is going to come in effect on January 1, 2013. The Academia-Industry Cooperation Team of China Medical University has taken the lead to accept the invitation for undertaking the overall planning of the fallow land in Baihe District of Tainan City. Professor Jin-Bin Wu, head of Industry-University Cooperation who led the team to the site for inspection, said that the team would explore the opportunities towards the direction of joint operation and development of the land with China Medical University, for examples, tourist farm, elderly health-preservation village and Chinese herbal medicine park, so that the utilization value and economic benefit of the agricultural land can be enhanced, resulting in a jointly created multiple-win effect.

Relationship-building Visit to Incubated Enterprises ~ the University’s Office of Academia-Industry Cooperation Explores the Industry’s Needs

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To ensure seamless partnership with the incubated enterprises, Professor Yueh-Sheng Chen, Director of the Biotechnology Incubation Center, Office of Academia-Industry Cooperation, China Medical University, led a team for relationship-building visits to Health Chemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Protector Filter Technology Corp., Mammy Village Co., Ltd. and Taiwan Bees Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. respectively, in order to understand the operation and needs of the enterprises, and also to grasp the latest industrial and market movements. The interaction of the industry and academia may ensure that academic research stays close to the consumer market, and thus blossoms and yields positive results.

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