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Linkage of international marketing~With advanced knowledge and technology, China Medical University obtained fruitful results in Health Ingredient Japan 2012

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China Medical University has devoted to the patented technology R&D of the unique precious medical plants, such as A. formosanus and Davallia formosana Hay, of Taiwan and is famous with a good reputation worldwide. The biotechnological health jelly products of Academia-Industry Cooperation and the potential prosperous home delivery market of Chinese medicine decoction have drawn lots of attentions of international manufacturers, hence CMU became the highlights in Health Ingredient Japan & S-Tec Japan 2012!The provost of Academia-Industry Cooperation, Professor Jin Bin Wu who led the participant group to the exhibition in Tokyo, Japan, said China Medical University has adopted international marketing strategies and has been regarded highly in the field of biomedical technology in recent years.

Activation of Biomedical Technology Energy~China Medical University has proven to be one of the top Academia-Industry Cooperation colleges in two indices in Year 100

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The results of Academia-Industry Cooperation Performance Evaluation in 2011 announced by the Ministry of Education have revealed that China Medical University got top scores in two indices ”the amount of R&D funding of the college derived from industries” and “the income in creating intellectual property of the college” in private higher education system. This is an honor that followed the national award of 7 major colleges in Academia-Industry Cooperation in 2010” and the champions of “Strivings for funding and efficiency for Academy-Industry Cooperation from industry” and “Revenue and efficiency of intellectual property license”. The advanced outcomes in the promotion of Academy-Industry Cooperation are very impressive and outstanding.

The unity with training and certification of health industry~Beijing National Academy of Oriental Medicine delegation visited China Medical University for the Academy-Industry Cooperation affairs

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China Medical University is highly evaluated by industries in promotion education and training of health industry professionals. Mr. Ya-Miao Huang, the superintendent of Beijing National Academy of Oriental Medicine, Guangdong Province Branch, and Mr. Cheng-Ru Wu, the vice-superintendent, visited China Medical University in Taiwan. They greatly appreciated of teachers and advanced teaching equipment and discussed with Mr. Shi-Jie Liao, the director of Center for Continuing Education, about the opening matters for cooperation courses. Mr. Ya-Miao Huang who is currently the committee member of National Certification Committee in China promised to promote the setup of first certification examination office in Taiwan to unify the training and licensing examination. Both institutions were optimistic about the promotion of the quality of health industry professionals and the offers of employment certificates.

Addiction Prevention and Treatment Research Platform~The cooperation between the Health Bureau of Taichung City Government and with China Medical University and CMU Hospital

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Drug abuse, smoking, alcohol and chewing betel nuts will cause additions as well as the internet addiction of youngsters. The first Addiction Medical Research Center established by China Medical University and CMU Hospital initiated the cooperation with the Health Bureau of Taichung City Government about the construction of prevention counseling, clinical and translational research platform yesterday. The Academician of Academia Sinica Dr. Ying-Gang Ho, Secretary of the Health Bureau Ms. Mei-Na Huang, Vice-Presidents Dr. Trong-Neng Wu and Dr. Ying-Chin Ko approved the magnificent influences in citizen health

The 2012 U21 Creative Invention Contest of China Asia Associated University has started~Teachers and students are all welcome to participate this contest.

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2012 “U21 Creative Invention Contest” of China Asia Associated University has started and teachers as well as students are welcome to compete in individuals or in groups. The projects are divided into design and non-design groups and there are no limits in competing work numbers. The due date of the contest is November 23 and the winners will be announced in December 13. The top three winners will be awarded 7000~3000 NT dollars as bonus encouragements. Please send the participation information to the mailbox: weilinyu@asia.edu.tw Telephone for inquiries:Asia University (04)2332-3456 ext. 6451 and China Medical University (04)2205-3366 ext. 1580

Academy-Industry Cooperation Reports
  • Yuan-Ying Biotechnology Co., Ltd. commissioned Professor Wen-Chuan Lin in CMU to execute the project “The assessment of liver protection of the product named “Di-Wan-Yu-Fan-Jay-Yi-Kan”
  • Rui-Feng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. commissioned CMU Assistant Professor Chi-Rei Wu to execute the project ”The performance evaluation of blood glucose and blood lipid adjustments with fermentation broth”
  • Via-Tech Biomedical Co., Ltd. commissioned Assistant Professor Dan-Jae Lin, Department of Dental Hygiene, CMU to execute the project “The evaluation of toothbrush bristle coating wear”.
  • Sigma-Care Development Co., Ltd. commissioned Associate Professor Cheng-Ren Duann to execute the project “The applicability assessment of high-level beds with three pillars and electric cylinder”
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